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Bondassage takes the receiver on a journey of the senses like no other.  The caviar of sensual massage, Bondassage blends erotic massage, light kink and sensation play for a truly epic ride of sensation that reduces stress and anxiety and leaves one feeling completely free.  My Bondassage sessions are custom tailored to your specific requests.  Not everyone loves the sting of a flogger or the thud of a paddle.  For some, just the feeling of various sensations moving across their body is enough to awaken the senses and allow them to release tension.  For those who love Kink and want to play with heavier sensations I am in my true element and can allow my Sadistic nature to unleash.  Whatever the level of play Bondassage is customizable.  With so many rich and wonderful tools to play with your body becomes an instrument that I expertly make music with.


There is an element of Domination/submission that you must be able to sink into.  I do not play with those who bottom from the top or who get grabby and needy during sessions.  You must relinquish control knowing that I will take expert care of your whole being.  Surrender to Me.  Experience Bondassage!

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