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Bath Ritual for Couples

1) Take a bath together and use:

* candles

* bubbles

* soft music

* wash cloth

Set the space up with sensuality not sexuality in mind.

2) Take turns washing and caressing each others bodies. Open up to sensation,

try to not talk that much just feel the sensation of the warm water and your

partner's hands on your body. Ask for what you want, more or less pressure,

more or less soap or water...

After you are done take turns drying each other off.

4) Lie down on the bed and spoon and breath together OR, do some sensual


5) If you decide to do sensual massage be luxurious and slow and really take

your time. When you are both ready, incorporate genital massage. This is an

opportunity to get to know your lover'

s body so go slow. Watch how the arousal

tissue swells and changes. It will change in a variety of ways, see if you can

notice how. You can even reflect this to your lover. Make sure that you are using

lots of loving communication throughout.

6) At this point you can decide to either end your erotic explorations or go

further. There is no right or wrong way to continue this activity as long as you

are both in agreement.

7) Before bed, share 2-3 Gratitudes that you have for your partner, something

that they have done or said to you that day that you feel Grateful for.

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