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Bondassage Changed my Life

Bondassage completely changed my life.

I had been an sensual massage therapist and Tantra massage provider for a long time and struggled with exerting boundaries and having them honored time and again with clients. Especially in the Tantra world I felt that I was doing a lot of training with my clients in Goddess Worship and asking them to surrender and receive without “giving back” or feeling the need to “return the favor”. I felt that this was an important training for my male clients, to learn to receive, to learn to surrender, and ultimately to learn how to have more sensation and pleasure in their bodies without the concept of having to give in return. I have been trained at One Taste in female orgasm and wanted to offer the same thing to men: just lie back, stop moving around, use your breath and I’ll take you on a journey of sensation and orgasm you will never forget.

I had a loyal following of clients and did some pretty magical work with them, however, I was always in this struggle with them around the concept of surrender. Some of them got it but a lot of them didn’t..

I met Jaeleen Bennis the founder of Bondassage and decided to take the training (the decision took me about 3 years to make!) and it was the exact answer I had been looking for!

No longer was I having to bat away wandering hands or convince the men to lie still or feel the need to ask nicely. In fact, I loved Bondassage so much and the process of learning about myself as a Dominant woman that I began to only work with clients using Bondassage and left the sensual massage and Tantra world completely. I found that my clients were different too. They were wealthier, knew how to surrender and wanted to surrender and I began having fun in my profession again. I had so much fun with it that I began teaching Bondassage to couples in private and large, group classes.

Bondassage isn’t just learning how to put kink into an erotic massage. It’s an actual sequence of bondage, sensation play, percussion play, sensory deprivation and massage that transports clients into dimensions that are similar, different, expanded and more unique than just erotic massage. You can take a Bondassage class with me to incorporate into your play with your partner but in order to truly LEARN Bondassage and call yourself a Practitioner you need to become certified in the sequence.

Once you become certified you can do whatever you want with it. It’s pretty phenomenal how I wove it into my sex education practice in so many ways. And, of course, you do not have to identify as female or have clients who identify as male, this is a training for anyone working as a hands-on sexuality professional. This is also a great training for ProDommes who want to learn how to incorporate erotic massage into their work.

If you are an erotic professional of any nature: sexological bodyworker, Tantra Massage provider, sensual massage therapist, escort or ProDomme you will love offering your clients Bondassage.

It changed my life. It can change yours!

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