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Dark Tantra - Honey on the Razor's Edge

Dark Tantra ~ Honey on the Razor's Edge

While neo-Tantra often promotes hedonism (do whatever feels good as a path to sexual fulfillment),

Dark Tantra's emphasis is not on doing whatever feels good to you, rather, it's on attaining ultimate Pleasure through surrendering your ego, worshiping your Teacher (Goddess/God, Guide, Dominant) and embracing the edges of your sensory experience.

In Dark Tantra ~ Honey on the Razor's Edge you will:

1) Engage in the practice of Goddess Worship

2) Surrender your ego through Trust building exercises

  • Blindfolds

  • Sensation play & sensory deprivation

3) Learn the Sensual Art of Orgasm: Tease, Denial & Control

Use Sound, Touch, Breath and Movement to create an Erotic Trance state.

With these techniques is is possible to enter into a realm of new possibilities and achieve new dimensions of intimacy and connection with your partner.

Please dress in comfortable clothing designed for ease of movement.

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