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P-Spot Play for Powerful Orgasms


The prostate sits directly beneath the bladder and above bulb of the penis. The urethra, which starts at the bottom of the bladder, passes through the prostate then curves forward to run along the length of the penis.


Small plum like gland that contains prostatic fluid, a fluid that along with seminal fluid, makes up semen.

During ejaculation involuntary smooth muscles within the prostate contract squeezing the prostatic fluid out of the glands through the ducts and into the prostatic urethra.

Why play with and massage this area?

  • Because it feels good! The prostate is an erogenous zone.

  • Part of regular health of the prostate.

  • To connect deeply with self and your lover.

  • Play with Domination and submission.

  • Powerful Orgasms!



  • Gently & Slowly

  • LOTS of Lube

  • Best to be turned on first!

  • Take deep breaths and Relax

  • With one finger at a time insert into rectum and crook finger upwards towards belly button to feel a small plum shaped, round protrusion (will vary with age and arousal)

  • Communicate!

  • Experiment with different toys until you find your favorite


Press on the perineum with fingers, soft fist, balled up sock or tennis ball.


  • As an adjunct to masturbation using self-massage toys

  • During a session of love-making

  • As a separate erotic massage

  • Whenever it turns you on!

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