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Words of Praise

Goddess Anya was a delight! As a provider myself, I sometimes yearn for the sensuous touch of a woman and Anya exceeded my

expectations. I opted for the Bondassage session which was new to me and found myself quickly melting into a puddle of pure bliss..She invited me into her lovely serene temple and I could already feel the sexiness in the air. After showering she gently tied me up and laid me down on her table. The massage was pure heaven combined with so many erotic touches of kink that I can’t remember exactly what she did! I just know it felt deeply relaxing and highly erotic at the same time. I loved the

variety of sensations and the warm coconut oil she slathered all over me. Anya is an expert in female sexuality and really knows her craft. Regardless of your gender, Goddess Anya will take care of you exceptionally well. After the session, I floated out to my car, feeling absolutely fantastic and looking forward to seeing her again. ~ Juliette


The mark of an awesome session is one where you relive the experience, over and over and over and… I haven’t stopped thinking

about Anya since I saw her yesterday. She is a true goddess with flaming natural red hair and a body that oozes femininty. She is

incredibly gentle and kind, but if you are on the submissive side, she can administer a good spanking and excels at other BDSM skills andministrations. And here is the really amazing part: She gives one of the best swedish massages I’ve ever had! Few things in life are guaranteedbut here’s one: If you have ever fantasized about meeting a real life

Goddess, you will never regret doing a session with Anya. She really is that good.


I needed a solid deep tissue massage from a qualified therapist. I’m quite weary of providers with no actual massage skills to back up their glittery ads. Anya, however, is the genuine article. While she offers BDSM type services, I opted for the Bondassage session which seemed like something I could do as a beginner. As soon as I entered her Oakland studio (very nice studio in decent part of town), she put me at ease and started to tame my nerves. She proceeded to deliver a knot-busting, super relaxing massage that I won’t soon forget and, in fact, want to go back for soon. Anya has a wonderfully sensual voice that just draws you in. She has a deliciously curvy physique that puts a smile on my face when I think of her. I highly recommend her massage

and sensuality.


After a quick shower, my session began with me kneeling at Anya’s feet and being collared and cuffed. Once I was properly secured to her massage table, ninety minutes of exquisite bondassage followed; perfectly balanced between pain and pleasure. Anya expertly escalatedmy sensory experiences until I was moaning in ecstasy. You couldn’t be in more experienced, skillful hands. I was so relaxed afterward that I was literally weak in the knees. Highly recommended!


The most fantastic time I have ever had. She will be seeing me again and again. She picked up on what I liked and went with it. It was like she was reading my mind. Nice place, clean and she had a shower ready both before and after. Looks like I have found IT!!

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